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I’ve been offline for a while and not blogging, firstly my laptop broke and took a while to get fixed, then I moved house over Christmas…smart idea!  But now I’m settled in my new place and back to blogging!

Today I went to Manchester for a day out and went to Manchester suburb, Chorlton for Stitched Up’s new HQ opening day!  

I met the lovely folks of Stitched Up at Just So festival last summer (we were running workshops along side each other) and loved their ethos.  They’re a collective of eco-minded stitchers who want to promote sustainable fashion to a wider audience.  In their own words:

Our name reflects the way we feel the fashion industry treats us, its workers and its shoppers.

Our workshops, clothes swaps and events encourage people to upcycle, create and stitch - empowering,enlightening and engaging people of all ages and backgrounds.”

In their new HQ they have sewing machines you can rent out by the hour if you don’t have access to your own (and if you want some experienced seamstresses about to advise you if you’re new to it!).  They also run loads of workshops, sewing machine driving tests, crafternoons, up-cycling workshops and loads more as well as selling a range of carefully chosen up-cycled clothes, handmade goods and fabrics.  Definitely worth a visit and keeping an eye on.

Find more about Stitched Up here:

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DIY Screen for Screenprinting Tutorial

This project is things you probably have, or could be purchased inexpensively from the thrift store! Yay!



I just got my first tattoo =] It looks all red and weird cause it’d just been done, but it didn’t hurt a bit, I love it loads.

Here’s my own crafty tattoo!  I blogged this ages ago but wanted to follow it up the last post with my own.  I was inspired by someones lovely crafty tattoo I found on flickr and have since not been able to re-find, and gave it my own twist.  I love it, crafts are such a part of my life, and a part of the lives of my family and friends that I love more than words can say.

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Finito! (by Disobedient Child)

Amazing eco-friendly sampler.

Pattern from 

The embroiderer who stitched this made it for a friend.  Her website can be found at:


this is what a feminist crafts like (by dez_E)

HELL YES.  I want this patch.

Source: Flickr / dez_e

Modified pillow at Love From Hetty and Dave, Pokesdown.


Leigh Bowser is focusing her final year of her degree on encouraging people to donate blood.  Her cousin Chloe is 21 months year old and needs a blood transfusion every 4-5 weeks.  This has inspired Leigh to use her artistic skills to encourage you to donate.  So, how can you help?  Firstly, donate blood!  Secondly, Leigh has initiated The Blood Bag Project.  All you crafty types out there can create your own textile blood bag from her template online and send it in.  Please follow her blog and reblog this as much as you can to get the word out.

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  • Question: Hi! Where are you located/teaching these workshops? I would love if you posted some more info about your craft projects! - mediascape
  • Answer:

    Hey!  They’re actually not going on at the mo, now I’m doing workshops in a bag which I’ll post about soon!  And if you’d like to take part I could send you a bagged up workshop!

Photo Set

More workshop photos.  I taught some people to stitch, rag rug, do origami and various other things from scratch, all in all, not a bad day!